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Tuesday, September 19, 2006 :::

Allen's Kingsblood Royal Moment

I've read many of the reactions to the now-infamous "Jewish question" tossed at George Allen in the Fairfax Chamber debate.

I was aware of the Virginia blog world's infatuation with the candidates' footwear. Now, they are deeply interested in Allen's (at least) genealogy. And in a way that borders on the bizarre.

Now we have a statement from the Allen campaign where he revises and extends his remarks, stating, essentially, that he really didn't know about his heritage until he read it somewhere else, and that his mother was reluctant to discuss family history. From my own experience, that rings true.

But does any of this really belong in a political campaign?

To read some blogs and some news reports, it would seem Allen's roots are of the utmost interest -- vital, even to the fate of his candidacy and the nation's future. Even more important than his footwear.

What bosh.

A campaign that for weeks generated next to nothing in the way of news now creates a firestorm of activity over matters that are less than trivial.

One might get the impression from all of this that bloggers and assorted news readers from DC were channeling Thomas Callendar..."a dark spirit who chews the cud of his rejection."

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