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Tuesday, September 12, 2006 :::

Ad Nonsense

Senate candidate Jim Webb defends his first televised campaign ad, defying the evidence of his senses to say he hasn't heard from Nancy Reagan "at all" and will continue to air the spot.

I suppose that letter "written at Mrs. Reagan's direction" doesn't count.

Oh well.

As to the notion that this is "politically motivated," well of course it is. At least on a superficial level. Webb's people would not have placed Reagan in the ad unless there was a political purpose behind it. Conversely, Allen's people and various old Reaganites would not criticize the usage if politics weren't involved.

But I suspect Mrs. Reagan has other, far more personal, motives at heart. It is no secret that she was and remains a formidable presence. It is also no secret that she has taken several people to the rhetorical woodshed for what she believes to be inappropriate uses of her husband's name and likeness.

But she also takes a rather dim view of those who crossed the President. Just ask Don Reagan. Or John Poindexter. Or even George Bush. That she would slap Jim Webb, particularly in light of the statements he made after he left her husband's administration, should come as a surprise to no one.

Or at least to no one who is paying attention.

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