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Thursday, August 24, 2006 :::

Wishful Thinking

Once upon a time, the Hotline wasn't a rag, but a daily source of great information for political junkies. Maybe it's just their blog that's dragging things down. And entries like this one regarding the primary race in Wyoming don't help matters at all.

The Hotline's Josh Kraushaar would have us believe that Rep. Barbara Cubin is in trouble because she "only" won 60 percent of the vote in the primary.

Well, maybe so. But how's the view from Wyoming? A helluva lot different:

Democratic Gov. Dave Freudenthal and the obvious Republican front-runner, Ray Hunkins, easily won their party nominations. It was a bit surprising that little-known John Self of Sheridan managed to garner 25 percent of the GOP gubernatorial vote, but his total could be attributable to the large number of pesky Democrats who switched parties for the primary.

The same scenario surely helped Bill Winney collect a surprisingly high 40 percent of the votes in his campaign against six-term Rep. Barbara Cubin.

Democrats would be unwise to view Winney's relative success as evidence of Cubin's vulnerability. Her level of support doesn't appear to have eroded since the 2004 primary, when she held off four GOP challengers and earned 55 percent of the vote.

So who's right? I'll take the locals almost everytime.

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