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Wednesday, August 02, 2006 :::

Was She Pushed or Did She Jump?

Style Weekly continues to follow the strange doin's a happenin' at the Times-Dispatch regarding the departure of Managing Editor Louise Seals:

According to sources at the paper, human-resource employees escorted Seals from the T-D’s East Franklin Street building downtown on Thursday, July 27.

Seals returned to the building Monday, July 31. Appearing upset and accompanied by Proctor, sources say, she bid quiet farewells to newsroom staff. Later that day, the T-D issued a press release extolling Seals’ 38 years of service, and saying she was retiring “to spend more time with her family.”

Strange. I thought there were "lots of hugs."

Maybe she was being frisked.

In the same piece, Style reprints the last, spiked column of former TD contributor Randy Fitzgerald, which includes the short paragraph the TD's editors wanted changed:

I learned last week what I had been expecting for awhile, given all the changes under way at the Times-Dispatch: My column was being dropped. I’ve always been a freelancer, so I’m an easy person to let go. My space will apparently be filled with hard news.

Yes, hard news, the very sinew of any newspaper. What does the TD consider "hard news"? Lots of stories on how gosh darn hot it is.

The ultimate in bleeding edge coverage.

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