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Monday, August 28, 2006 :::

The Turning of the Tide

The Zogby poll showing Jim Webb with a narrow lead over George Allen has gotten its share of notice around the blogs. And with good reason.

What looked early-on to be a rather ho-hum, lackluster campaign from both sides has turned into a genuine struggle -- at least on one level. Once Allen begins the airwar, the numbers may change significantly (I won't say which way because it's hard to say what those ads may contain. And as we all know, poorly drawn ads can sink a candidacy).

Until and unless Webb can counter what is sure to come, Allen will probably manage to salvage a narrow victory in November.

There is one fly in this ointment, however. The increasingly loud (though possibly overblown) rumblings on the right regarding property rights and the proposed National Heritage Area must be addressed immediately.

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