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Thursday, August 31, 2006 :::

To Run or Not to Run

Jeff Schapiro posted an item about outsiders looking in at the Virginia Senate race. One of the items he linked to was this piece by John Gizzi on a possible presidential bid by Jim Gilmore.

But the real meat has nothing to do with Gilmore, and everything to do with a possible squabble within the Allen campaign:

According to one Virginia GOP source who requested anonymity, "The No.1 debate in the Allen campaign these days is whether George should announce that if re-elected to the Senate this year, he will forgo a run for President in '08." The same source told Human Events that the faction in the Allen camp wanting him to take this course "is led by [Washington attorney and longtime Allen confidant] Frank Atkinson and the faction that wants him to keep alive a bid for President is headed by [wife] Susan Allen."

Atkinson has since quite clearly denied he ever said anything like this.

But as was the case with the botched Chris LaCivita quote in the Hotline regarding Allen's need to reach out to the "netroots" (a task since assumed by Jon Henke), is the substance of the quote wrong, too?

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