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Thursday, August 17, 2006 :::

A Pox on Tax "Holidays"

Virginia's politicians slapped their backs silly touting the sales tax holiday for school supplies. Fortunately, some people see it for what it really is: a feel-good con job. From the DC Examiner:

Tax holidays are nothing but temporary fixes. "?If lawmakers wish to reduce the burden of taxes on consumers, they should enact permanent, broad-based tax relief that avoids the costly economic distortions caused by tax holidays," Williams and his compatriots maintain.

The Three Scrooges may have a point. But that would mean less tax revenue and, if taken to the extreme, less money for government officials to spend and more for families to keep. Such an outcome would be better than a holiday for families, but donÂ?t expect those in government or who depend upon government to celebrate.

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