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Tuesday, August 22, 2006 :::

More Troubling

After all the pixels that have perished in trashing George Allen's foot-in-mouth incident recently, no one has come back to the more substantive, and I think more troubling, remark he made earlier this year:

"Every single earmark I've gotten, I'm proud of," Allen told more than 300 people gathered for a town hall meeting at Chesterfield County's Clover Hill High School.

Of course it's not as inflammatory as the M-word. However, it also does not require a harried Google search to discern its true meaning.

In the upcoming hour-long debate between Allen and Webb, I would very much like to see Mr. Allen taken to task on this remark. Further, I would like to hear what Mr. Webb has to say about earmark reform and pork barrel spending in general. No, it's not as sexy as the War, and it's not as emotional as obscure North African insults. But taking pride in earmarks tells me a lot about a politician's relationship to the public purse and his overall attitude toward fiscal responsibility.

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