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Wednesday, August 09, 2006 :::

The McCain-Feingold Candidate

Cato's Ed Crane (a former boss of mine) argues here that Ned Lamont's victory owes much more to the current campaign finance laws as it does to the "netroots":

More than 60 percent of Ned's campaign expenditures came from Ned. Without Ned, Ned loses. In fact, no political observer thought any candidate dependent on a $2000 contribution limit had any kind of chance of ousting Lieberman. Ned was a very poor candidate. Inarticulate with zero charisma. But by spending his own money he enfranchised the Democrats of Connecticut who otherwise, given the contribution limits, were disenfranchised. The Democrats in Connecticut hate the war in Iraq, Lieberman has rather energetically endorsed it. Yet the federal election laws would have assured Lieberman reelection were it not for the "loophole."

Leave it to Ed to find a contrarian position that also makes a great deal of sense.

Would Lamont have been able to mount a credible challenge without writing his own campaign checks? Very doubtful against a long-term incumbent, and especially considering that other "netroots" candidates have had a rather pathetic showing when it comes to actually winning elections (Jim Webb, call your fundraiser).

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