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Friday, August 25, 2006 :::

Food for Thought

For bloggers, pressies and various hangers-on, the elusive NBT at Richmond War Room offers some thoughts for the Martinsville conference. Snip:

Bloggers, you are now cursed with a blessing — your words have import and can shape events.

They can affect real people in real ways. I would ask that we all consider that as we go forward. A keyboard-melting, red hot post might drive up your hit count, but it can also do serious damage to people and institutions. I am the last person to ask anyone to censor themselves, and that is certainly not my intention. My request is simple: think about what you're doing.

To my friends in the long suffering media, I would say simply this: the silver age is ending, but a golden age may be around the corner. This brave new world makes the dead trees of yesterday look quaint, but it also produces a marvelousopportunityy for conversation. Great hordes of new sources are now speaking, and all you have to do is listen.

From this point forward, when the media speaks, it can not be ex cathedra. Those who would hold themselves up as higher than others will be brought low. While your new place in the world may be a bit more humble, the old guard has not been left unrewarded.

Read the whole thing.

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