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Monday, August 14, 2006 :::


Over the weekend, the Jaded JD wondered when conservatives would begin to "poke fun at themselves for cannibalizing Lincoln Chafee."

Over at Captain Ed's site the matter is reviewed and a conclusion reached. No need for rib-tickling or condiments, the Captain suggests, because Chafee and Lieberman are not really comparable when one looks at how they voted within their respective caucuses:

In this case, however, the comparison between Connecticut and Rhode Island races does not wash. Lieberman's voting record showed that he solidly supported his party on its agenda and policy. He consistently voted in the middle of his Senate caucus. In the Poole reports for the last three sessions, at least 15 Democrats voted more conservatively than Lieberman in each. The notion that a politician whose voting record remained almost dead center of his caucus could be out of touch with the Democratic mainstream is laughable on its face.

Chafee presents a much different picture. In the last three sessions that comprises his entire last term of office, Chafee has consistently been the outlier of the GOP caucus. In two sessions, he managed to vote less with his caucus than a Democrat (Ben Nelson this session, Zell Miller in the 107th). Chafee can be described very reasonably as outside the mainstream of Republican thought.

There are some wags who will (and ought) to say that "mainstream Republican thought" is an oxymoron. And it may prove to be the case in the Rhode Island contest that unseating Chafee would hand this nominally Republican seat to the Democrats. Then again, that might just be truth in advertising.

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