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Sunday, August 27, 2006 :::

About That Conference...

Reports from the Martinsville Conference are trickling in: BadRose (who is actually very, very good), Jim, Kat, Steve, Brian, and, of course, our host Alton. More will soon appear.

What set the tone for me? Arriving at my hotel room, flipping on the television and finding one of the roots causes for the Conference on local television. Yes, there, in living color, was jingle contest winner Cindy Price, who was embroiled in a flap with the local Chamber of Commerce over their decision not to let her perform at the music festival.

I blame Will Vehrs.

I didn't have time to watch the drama unfold as I had to get to the reception at the Chatmoss Country Club. I wandered in and asked a staff member where I could find the bloggers' event. She said, "Right down there. Do they talk that much all the time?"

Yes. Yes we do.

Especially when world-class schmoozer Steve Sisson is in the room.

Alton and his team deserve enormous credit for pulling this event together and for securing one of the most impressive arrays of speakers I've yet seen at a blog conference. And it was a genuine treat to have Barnie Day act as Master of Ceremonies. His wit, insight, and critical time management skills were invaluable, as were the stories he told at lunch on Saturday.

As this was my first journey to Martinsville, I didn't know what to expect of the area or the residents. Both are quite charming. And real estate is cheap (I need to ask Mary if she will look into a bit of hunting acreage for me). And let's not forget our sponsor, Smith River Community Bank. There. I said it. But they deserve credit for helping making the event possible.

Now Alton, go get some sleep.

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