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Monday, July 31, 2006 :::

The TD Employee Blogging Begins

Or in the case of Randy Fitzgerald, make that ex-TD freelancer. Snoopy has the details, including a note from Fitzgerald regarding the circumstances behind his break with the paper after an 18 year run. It also sheds some much-needed light on the cryptic announcement the TD published in Sunday's edition regarding Fitzgerald's removal.

Snoopy also points us to Fitzgerald's blog.

There may have been a legitimate business reason for severing the relationship. But whether that's the case remains unknown. Are other such changes in the works? And if so, will the TD handle them in the same manner? Again, hard to say. However, it shows that the TD's new regime is intent on reshaping the paper to suit some sort of goal (so long as it's approved by the promotions manager).

But I have to wonder whether that goal includes heightened local news coverage. In at least one case, also from Sunday, it appears not. The New York Times had this item about Richmond direct marketing guru Bill Royall and his agency's efforts to help colleges nationwide (and in Virginia) recruit students through streamlined application forms.

Royall's company is a national marketing heavyweight. Has been for some time. But you'd never know that if the Times-Dispatch was your only source of information.

So, here's to the TD, a paper in search of a goal, but not necessarily in search of news.

Unless it relates to locals who appear on American Idol. They're all over that one.

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