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Tuesday, July 18, 2006 :::

More on Davis's Metro Bill

As Andrew notes, the Tom Davis-led Metro bailout passed. But under the rules in force at the time, which required a two-thirds majority, the margin was a single vote.

Interesting to note from the vote tally is how many members of the Virginia delegation voted against the bill...Eric Cantor, Jo Ann Davis, Thelma Drake, Randy Forbes, Virgil Goode, Bob Goodlatte...aside from Boucher, all the downstate members voted against the measure.

At Redstate, Mike Krempasky writes that the whole vote violated conference rules:

The Davis bill is not just an earmark—it is a likely tax increase on state and localities, a new federal program, an unfunded mandate, a corporate bailout, and a huge earmark, rolled into one. In doing so, Boehner has violated his own majority’s conference rules that provide the parameters for scheduling bills.

He also provides a link to the RSC analysis of the bill, which makes additional reference to the requirement that for localities to receive any of this money, they must first raise taxes (which might force some interesting choices when combined with the Albo,et al, plan to impose a regional transportation tax in NoVa).

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