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Friday, July 07, 2006 :::

Hinkle Follows the Story

The TD's Bart Hinkle picks up the threads of a story that has been knocking around the online world for sometime (including this blog): the ongoing antics of the fools on the Hill.

He dabbles in the pork barrel, looks at the GOP "values agenda" and takes a few swipes at the Democrats along the way. But there was one item that struck close to home:

Dan Rostenkowski's rumpled mug used to adorn the dartboards of political junkies, until a federal corruption investigation brought him down and an unknown named Michael Flanagan claimed his seat.

There are a handful of people who may recall a poster my old employer, U.S. Term Limits, created in 1994 that featured a picture of Rosty with bold headlines that took a swipe at his 17 terms in office and 18 federal indictments for his role in the House post office scandal (the credit for the idea belongs to John Armor, who I see is running for Congress in North that's an eye-opener).

It was sent to fellow travelers around the country, then to talk shows and columnists. I wonder if one made its way to Hinkle?

And no, I never converted mine into a dartboard. An opportunity lost.

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