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Sunday, July 02, 2006 :::

Good Copy Consider Webb

Ace TD columnist Jeff Schapiro turns his keyboard toward the Webb v. Allen contest, and wonders if Webb has what it takes to unseat one of Jeff's personal demons.

His answer? Maybe not:

Coming off the primary, Webb has pennies compared with Allen, who has plowed into television about $1 million of the $7.5 million that he has collected so far. And unlike the tireless, affable Allen, Webb shows virtually no spark as a retail candidate -- and left it to his campaign manager this past week to pursue a strategic objective: provoking Allen.

THIS MAKES it only more difficult to convey Webb's compelling personal story, a story reflected, in part, by his choice of footwear: sand-colored combat boots, a symbol of solidarity with his son, an Iraq-bound Marine rifleman. Someone needs to tell the often stone-faced Webb that while politics is a serious business, it is not joyless.

In less than three weeks, at a debate with Allen before the Virginia Bar Association, Webb will have an opportunity to demonstrate for an audience beyond the Democratic Party that he has the discipline, the depth, and the people skills to be a Senator.

Otherwise, it could be the first step in a long, disappointing march to November.

I believe it is a mistake to sell Webb short, particularly given the deep and abiding hatred for Allen among newsrooms across Virginia. Jeff goes out of his way to show Webb where to campaign, what issues to use, and, of course, takes a few swings at Allen just for good measure. Recall that Schapiro did the same very early to candidate Tim Kaine in last year's gubernatorial race (and we all know how that turned out).

So is this column an omen of electoral defeat for Allen? Or is it the first draft of a political obituary for the Webb campaign?

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