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Friday, June 02, 2006 :::

Stumbling and Bumbling in Colorado Gov's Race

The dice keep coming up craps for Boyd Marcus and the campaign of Colorado gubernatorial hopeful Marc Holtzman. Today, the Rocky Mountain News has this item on how Holtzman looks like he won't make the ballot (after being hammered in the GOP convention by Rep. Bob Beauprez) because of a lack of signatures:

Top Colorado Republicans have tried for weeks to push Marc Holtzman out of the race for governor. On Thursday, Holtzman learned he may have derailed his own campaign.
Holtzman fell 743 signatures short of the number required to gain a spot on the August primary ballot, according to Colorado Secretary of State Gigi Dennis.

Locked in a bitter fight with Congressman Bob Beauprez for the Republican nomination, Holtzman failed two weeks ago to win enough support at the state party assembly to secure a spot on the ballot. Holtzman's backup plan was to gather 10,500 signatures from Republican voters to guarantee him a place on the ballot.

Thursday night, Dennis sent Holtzman a letter saying that plan had failed.

There is plenty of room, it appears, for such a challenge to move forward, if you give any credence to the rumors over at Colorado Pols...including the charge that Colorado Secretary of State Gigi Dennis " widely believed to be Bob Beauprez's likely running mate."

Conflict of interest? Sounds like it to me...if it's true.

While Marcus is not to blame for the signature shortfall (as always, the candidate is the one who should bear responsibility for such critical things), it's not exactly a high-point. I wonder if, say, Bob Gibson -- who had this earlier write-up on the Gilmore alumni at work and under fire in Colorado -- will do a follow-up on these latest developments and their possible reflection on Jim Gilmore?

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