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Tuesday, June 27, 2006 :::

"Spittle-flecked loons"

As a lot of folks have catalogued elsewhere, there is a lot of weirdness coursing through the more liberal blogs these days. Along with it has come an equal amount of sharp and nasty criticism from the press of liberal blogs, their message, their readers and by extension, it's safe to say, just about everyone who either writes or reads a blog.

Here is a sampling of what some old-line pressies are saying. It isn't pretty. Nor, according to Kevin Drum, are the possible ramifications:

Mainstream reporters, despite their generally liberal temperaments, have an odd sort of contempt for actual liberal politicians, who they widely view as being wimpy, pandering, fence-sitting, poll-driven wonks who are hesitant to really speak their minds and insist on giving lots of boring policy-oriented speeches that don't make good copy.

Well, the blogosphere is anything but that, but it turns out the mainstream press doesn't like that much either. I'm not sure how that's going to play out in the long term, but in the short term I have a feeling it's nothing but bad news. "Spittle-flecked loons" seems likely to become the new media CW. Karl Rove must be pleased.

I'm not sure about that. And to be fair, the right-side of the blogging world has its share of digital dingbats who, if we're honest, do a great deal of damage to whatever thin patina of credibility we like to think we have. And given enough time, or sufficient cause, the press will be all over the right-side, tossing barbs and mud (some deserved) at their writers and readers.

Is this just a power struggle, or some sort of cultural divide? Maybe to some degree. I haven't seen it that much in Virginia's blogging world. If anything, Virginia' major press outlets seem inclined to ignore blogs (with notable exceptions) when it comes time to craft a story, even though my logs show more than a few of these same outlets are daily blog readers.

Are Virginia's political blogs destined for the same sort of flippant dismissal from the established press as we are now seeing unleashed on some of the national sites? That's probably long-since happened in some newsrooms. But there does seem to be a willingness among some to give the blogs a chance to prove themselves as a medium for fresh insights and, yes, even news -- so long as we never, ever call ourselves "journalists."

The question long will that opportunity last? we even want it?

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