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Friday, June 02, 2006 :::

So Are They All Reagan Democrats Now?

An entertaining item from Human Events on a mailer Harris Miller has sent out lambasting Jim "The Warrior Poet" Webb for supporting Ronald Reagan (complete with photos!):

The flyer also attacks Webb for voting for President Bush and the man he’s trying to beat: Sen. George Allen. (If I were Allen, this flyer would be my worst nightmare. It may end up helping Webb, the tougher of the two Democrats.)

Coming on a day when a Quinnipiac University poll confirms that Reagan was the best President since 1945, Harris Miller ought to think twice about attacking a man so adored, even among some Democrats in conservative Virginia.

I tend to agree that this might be a plus for Webb, particularly if he is chosen to face Allen. But Miller's target audience with this piece is (or he thinks it is) those Democrats for whom Ronald Reagan is not a man, but an epithet. And a particularly nasty one, at that.

And it could be a big minus for Miller if, for example, all those who bray so loudly online on Webb's behalf are actually Reagan Democrats who've finally found their (conservative) man at last...and not just a crowd of cynics playing a crude senatorial numbers game.

Nah. Couldn't be. (HT: Andrew).

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