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Friday, June 30, 2006 :::

Radioactive Man v. Fallout Boy

Garren Shipley in the NV Daily on Webb v. Allen:

The e-mail box here at the mobile NV Daily political bureau is filling up like the basement of the National Archives, as both campaigns fire off missive after missive, looking for a free hit of ink that might just take their opponent down a peg in the process.

Allen prods Webb on flag burning, Webb fires back with both barrels. Webb prods Allen on the minimum wage, Allen fires back with an e-mail that actually sent this reporter into the Internet Movie Database for some research. It's not even August. Nor is it July, as of this writing.

So why the vitriol so early? It's hard to say, but published pundits and back bench whisperers alike attribute it the fallout of the quasi-national interest in Kaine v. Kilgore last year. As an off year election, 2005 was fought as almost a continuation of 2004 Bush v. Kerry.

We'll all be wearing lead-lined hip waders before it's over.

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