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Thursday, June 15, 2006 :::

The Pro-Pork Caucus

There were a series of votes yesterday on amendments proposed by Rep. Jeff Flake that would have stripped certain earmarks from the Treasury and Transportation appropriations bill. All of the amendments failed, of course. How did Virginia's intrepid delegation vote? Via Andrew, you can see that they generally followed the pro-pork line. Here are some specifics:

On the amendment to strip $500,000 in funds for a city-owned pool in Banning, California (a personal favorite of Rep. Jerry Lewis), we can see that, except for Eric Cantor, the entire delegation was lined-up at the diving board.

On an amendment to strip $100,000 for facilities design and renovation in Weirton, WV, again, only Cantor votes to defund. Those must be some facilities.

On an amendment to remove $500,000 for an athletic facility at Crafton Hills College in California, all the worthies voted to spend the dough (perhaps they get transfer credits for that).

On an amendment to remove $250,000 for a theater in Plattsburg, NY, they all voted to spend the money and enjoy the show.

These are the only votes Andrew has posted so far. But the picture is clear enough: the pro-pork caucus is alive and well and includes many self-described Virginia conservatives as members.

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