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Friday, June 09, 2006 :::

Oh My

Richmond School Board Chairman (and former neighbor) Dave Ballard has stepped into it with Mayor Wilder:

A police investigation into a threat made by Richmond School Board Chairman David L. Ballard toward Mayor L. Douglas Wilder will soon be underway, according to a City Hall insider, who spoke only on the condition of anonymity.

After a May 22 council meeting during which the mayor lambasted the school system and superintendent, Ballard reportedly said, "If I met with the mayor now, I'd have to kill him," according to a June 8 article in the Richmond Free Press.

Oh my.

But there is one thing about all of this that's rather disturbing -- and it's not what Dave said -- a remark which he has apologized for and which Wilder, in his own, special, backhanded way, has accepted. It's the coverage.

Watch the video from the local NBC affiliate. Reporter Beth Danziger gives viewers the impression that Dave is just one step removed from going postal. The same tone can be found in the article linked above.

Anyone who knows Dave will understand that he is a man of strong opinions and deep conviction. Can he get emotional? You bet. And actually, considering the treatment he received at the hands of the City Council, I can understand part of his frustration. But does that give the local press an excuse to trump-up this spat as a potentially lethal confrontation? No.

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