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Wednesday, June 07, 2006 :::

Meet Them at the Impasse

Chad has already noted the Garren Shipley piece on Gov. Kaine's determination "not to let Virginians suffer" if there is no budget by the beginning of July.

Nice rhetorical touch, by the way. The Governor has added a new dimension to the office -- caregiver. Or euthanist. I suppose it depends upon your point of view.

The AG disagrees with Gov. Kaine's contention that he has the authority to spend without legislative appropriations (a point on which Chad agrees. Not being a lawyer...though it was a close call once upon a time...I defer on that question).

Quite honestly, I'm not sure that the average Virginian is really paying a great deal of attention to any of this. Of course, that could change if certain state functions suddenly stop on July 1. But even then -- unless it's something like the DMV -- people may not notice, at least right away.

But it would be great summertime fodder for the Richmond press corps. If anyone is still paying them any attention, that is.

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