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Thursday, June 15, 2006 :::

McDonnell Live Blog at CC

Attorney General Bob McDonnell took some time this evening to answer questions from various and sundry online personalities. Overall, I think this was a far stronger performace than his first outing, which may mean that he's either more comfortable with the medium or is a blogger in the making.

Interesting, though, that he did not answer my question regarding some of the backstory on his budget opinion. Maybe he wasn't able to. Ah, well.

Best birthday wishes, Bob.

I Stand Corrected

In the comments, Chad points out there were a couple of glitches, and that Bob did have an answer for my question regarding the charge leveled by ace TD columnist Jeff Schapiro that McDonnell's budget opinion was just a political hack job.

His response is rather devastating:

Bob: “That “certain columnist” is wrong, and I do wonder if he even read the opinion (available here) or my lengthy statement on the issue (available here). In fact, the columnist in question was actually one of the few Richmond political reporters who did not attend my press conference on the issue.

My opinion was requested by Senator Norment and Speaker Howell. It is an opinion supporting our cherished principle of the separation of powers, and clearly states that the Virginia Constitution vests sole authority to appropriate funds from the state treasury in the legislature. My job is to state what the law is, not what some wish it to be.

Very, very interesting.

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