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Sunday, June 25, 2006 :::

Jeff's Inner Abe Simpson

After tossing the legislature the most gentle of softballs about its pork habit, TD columnist Jeff Schapiro uses his Sunday column to unleash his inner Grandpa Simpson regarding Bob McDonnell, his budget opinion, and the constitutional crisis that wasn't:

It is no secret that McDonnell is closely aligned with the anti-tax Republicans who rule the House of Delegates. Further, McDonnell wants to outflank a gubernatorial rival, Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling, among the conservatives who control the GOP nominating process.

But Kaine's virtual silence on the McDonnell opinion, which argues that the power of the purse rests solely with the legislature, is a shocker. Unless the Democrat acts quickly, he runs the risk of sanctioning the partial castration of Virginia's governorship, among the most powerful in the nation.

That's almost on a par with some of Abe's best:

Abe: That doll is EVIL, I tells ya. Evil! Eeeeeeviillll!!!
Marge: Grandpa, you said that about all the presents.
Abe: I just want attention.


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