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Wednesday, May 31, 2006 :::

The Tax Rebellion Through the WSJ's Eyes

The unstoppable Jerry Fuhrman has this item from today's Wall Street Journal discussing the latest events in the General Assembly and its interminable wrangling over the budget and taxes.

It's a fine piece as far as it goes. But where it goes isn't exactly a place some of us would recognize.

The writer of this editorial plays-up the Tim Kaine v. HOD angle to this story while giving barely a whisper's notice to the role of the Senate in the matter. And it is the Senate -- far more than the Governor -- which has played the leading, tax-hiking role. Has the Governor played most of his deck to back the Senate's take on matters? Of course he has. But you would be hard-pressed to learn just how much the Senate's GOP members have fought for a tax hike -- or how determined they remain to see a hike of some sort put in place from this piece. That's inexcusable.

Another small matter. While it's wonderful to see Whitney Duff of Americans for Prosperity get some national ink, she is improperly called the president of AFPVA, when her proper title is state director. It's a minor point, to be sure (and heck, maybe Whitney is moving farther and faster up the ladder than we realize). But small errors, compounded with the large omissions noted above, diminish what could have been a valuable editorial.

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