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Friday, May 26, 2006 :::

Shell Shock

What's a conservative to do when congressional Republicans go out of their way to spit in his oatmeal? Danny Glover, one of the speakers at the upcoming blog conference in C'ville, asks just that question.

Aside from an interesting compilation of the back-and-forth between big bloggers on the idea of what conservatives should, or ought, to do given the current political landscape, it also brings me back to something that happened in the Virginia gubernatorial election last year.

My old friend John Taylor was quoted saying that conservatives might just go fishing rather than cast their ballots for Jerry Kilgore. I took exception with John at the time, though politely, and off-line (over the phone, actually -- what a radical concept). At the time, I believed it was simply wrong for conservatives to stay home, particularly considering the fact that two of their guys -- Bill Bolling and Bob McDonnell -- were on the ballot along with Kilgore. Stay home, and they might lose, too. John conceded the point. At least I think he did.

But now, on the larger stage, his argument is beginning to make far more sense to me. Why should conservatives trudge to the polls in November and pull the lever for the GOP? Why should they validate a congressional party that has slipped its philosophical moorings? Why should they give their time and money to support GOP candidates who campaign as conservatives, but govern like big spending liberals?

I know the arguments -- think of the judicial nominations that would be lost...think of the budget-busting ideas the Democrats would foist upon the nation...think of the cut-and-run they might execute in Iraq...and on and on.

I've thought about those things. They are valid reasons not to vote against the Republicans. But given the slop the GOP is feeding conservatives right now, they are hardly reasons to vote for the GOP, either.

Or to vote at all.

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