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Friday, May 26, 2006 :::

A Scolding (of sorts) from Bob Gibson

Daily Progress columnist-cum-blogger Bob Gibson has some cautionary observations for the pro-Webb side of the Virginia blogging community. But it was his preface to those observations that are very interesting to old codgers like me:

As a political blogger of all of about four months, I am only somewhat surprised at the stridency and self-assurance many partisan bloggers display.

Something about the blogosphere gives those willing to throw their opinions and analyses up for the world to read a feeling of edgy omniscience.

Young and certain of universal truths, they are, as a Republican consultant friend observed, kind of like rap music artists. “They spend a lot of time bragging.”

Blogs are heady stuff. I’ve grown four years younger and 44 percent more sure of things myself just by blogging.

Actually, I still have doubts and see many shades of gray, but my testosterone levels are seriously elevated, red meat consumption is up and head butting and hockey are new favorite sports.

Of course there are innumerable instances of this across political blogs great, small, left, right and center. I've belly-flopped into the pool of hubris more times than I care to remember. And while Mrs. Leahy is a powerful check against any "edgy omniscience" I might indulge in, it's there. Absolutely.

But Bob makes an interesting (if somewhat light-hearted) argument that's worth taking to heart. Maybe we should discuss it further at a monster truck rally.

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