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Monday, May 08, 2006 :::

Rebel, Rebel

So now Instapundit is picking up the George Allen/James Webb/Confederate issue and concludes:

As regular readers know, I'm no fan of neo-confederate sympathizers, but I don't think that either Allen or Webb qualify, and this back-and-forth strikes me as silly, dirty politics.

Well, to some degree that may be true -- and I think there's little question the TNR piece certainly has sent some on the left scurrying for the tin foil. But as Virginia Centrist has noted, and which I think is exactly right, this whole flap isn't about the current Senate race, it's about the 2008 presidential contest.

It also helps explain why Jeff Schapiro is so feverishly thumbing the pages of George Allen's UVA yearbook. Birds of a feather, I suppose. And probably Nuthatches.

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