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Tuesday, May 30, 2006 :::

Random Blogging Notes

Governing Magazine's blog,the 13th Floor is worth reading every now and then, in part because you can discover lots of interesting new blogs like the one from the National Conference of State Legislators called The Thicket. In this post,legislative staffers bleat about their employers. Why are things so bad? Why term limits, of course (heh).

There's also this post on the Pennsylvania legislative primaries, "...where at least 13 incumbent legislators lost primaries in the Keystone State yesterday with four more trailing, and one race was too close to call. Of the 17 possible losing incumbents, 14 were majority party Republicans and three Democrats."

The reason for the bloodbath? A (since repealed) pay hike for legislators and judges. And among the fallen were the GOP Senate's leaders.

Two of the people who helped orchestrate the Pennsylvania massacre, Matt Brouillette, president of the Commonwealth Foundation, and former state Rep. Jeff Coleman, will be speaking at the Tuesday Morning Group meeting here in Richmond next month. It ought to be very interesting.

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