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Thursday, May 04, 2006 :::

Pork Junkies

The Senate's feeding frenzy over the "emergency" spending bill is growing more intense. It's not just hurricane relief, war funding, "railroads to nowhere," defense contractor's much, much more:

For example, the legislation includes $4 billion in aid to farmers and ranchers to offset rising natural gas costs and provide new relief from drought, floods and wildfires. It contains nearly $800 million in additional highway and transit funding and $2.3 billion to prepare for a possible flu pandemic.

In a speech yesterday, Bush reiterated an earlier pledge to veto the legislation if it tops $94.5 billion. The Senate bill -- which totaled $106.5 billion when it reached the floor last week -- now adds up to nearly $109 billion. Final passage is expected today.

I'll believe the veto threat when I see it. Obviously, the Senate concurs.

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