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Friday, May 26, 2006 :::

On Congressional Talking Points

When political seas get rough, as they are for the Republican Congress right now, the response seems to be two-fold:

Run out the guns to scare away anyone who questions your idiotic response to the Jefferson/FBI flap, while at the same time...

Trim your sails to make the rubes back home believe you're truly, deeply, madly committed to the idea of limited government. Pay no attention to the earmarks!

Yesterday, I wrote that it seemed as though the time was not yet ripe for the ol' term limits bandwagon to start rolling again. I foolishly thought we were closer to the 1990 scenario, when disgust and distrust with the political class was beginning to perk, but was not yet at a rolling boil.

I was wrong.

These two memoranda bring us closer to a 1994-style voter revolt than I thought possible. And it only took a single, damned day.

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