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Tuesday, May 02, 2006 :::

The Many, Many Versions of the National Anthem

Rick Sincere has written another gem, this time on the flap over the Spanish-language version of the "Star Spangled Banner." Snip:

And at a very interesting web site called " Online Forum," one finds translations into Swedish, Indonesian, Finnish, German, and even Esperanto.

On the same site, you can find a facsimile of an original Yiddish translation dating to 1943, and a facsimile of the sheet music for a Spanish version dating to 1919! At least two German translations can be traced to the Civil War -- and somehow I can't imagine President Lincoln tut-tutting about German soldiers fighting for the Union who wanted to sing "O! sagt, kÃnnt ihr seh'n."

Rick also posts the Polish version of the lyrics...all discovered thanks to some new-fangled thingy called Google (which continues to elude the fragile understanding of both the Washington Post and Lamar(!) Alexander).

Go read the whole thing.

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