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Sunday, May 07, 2006 :::

Loupassi's Campaign Manifesto

On the editorial pages of today's TD, Richmond City Council President Manoli Loupassi writes what looks like his 2007 House of Delegates campaign manifesto:

There is great frustration with the body politic at all levels of government, fueled by profligate spending. The GOP, as the party in power, must find the resolve to eradicate this frustration or risk becoming the minority party. The Republican leadership must initiate and institute mechanisms in the governmental structure to control spending. Such forced control of spending would influence the government to use its resources more cost-effectively and would pressure those same bodies into greater oversight. Our governments would be forced to run more efficiently and the citizens thereby would have greater confidence that their tax dollars are not simply being taken to feed the monster: bigger government.

People understand this basic premise; Republicans who wish to remain in power had better understand it, too. Republicans must "re-contract" with the people of America -- and the preamble of that "contract" should begin with limiting the rate of government growth.

Sounds reasonable to me. And in this single column, he's put forward more ideas than his likely opponent, Del. Katherine Waddell, has offered in her entire first term.

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