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Thursday, May 04, 2006 :::

Harris Miller at Our Lady of Exxon

Dave at the American Spectator blog has an amusing encounter with Democratic Senate hopeful Harris Miller in Rosslyn:

He was holding a photo op at a gas station -- where gas is going for $3.11. Since I pass this gas station a few times a week, I know it's the most expensive place around. In fact, the real estate is at such a premium that it's located below a Methodist Church. (It's down from $3.19 yesterday, which was the most expensive in Arlington.)

So, Mr. Miller, why the photo op at the most expensive place around? "Oh, it's convenient." I told him there are cheaper places right up the road, and that looking for cheaper places is how the market works. He countered by saying he'd filled up for $3.25 this morning. Where? Chain Bridge Road and GW Parkway in McLean. That, too, is one of the most expensive stations around, located at an important crossroads. Elsewhere in McLean, I said, there is gas for less than $3.

You'll have to read the whole thing to get a sense of how dingy Harris Miller's economic sense really is. Having been past that particular gas station many times (Our Lady of Exxon, to some locals), and recalling the sky-high prices they charged even when oil was dirt cheap, I can see why Miller chose it for a photo opportunity. Oh, and Miller's hybrid SUV makes a guest appearance in the post.

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