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Sunday, May 07, 2006 :::

Green-Eyed Good Copy

That the TD's Jeff Schapiro dislikes George Allen -- even more than Jim Gilmore, Doug Wilder, Bill Bolling, conservatives in general and probably anyone who wears white before Memorial Day -- is not secret. Today, he reminds us of that dislike, in grand, green-eyed fashion.

This column is all about George Allen, the less-than great college football player (something Allen has, candidly and repeatedly admitted himself). But it is far more -- including a rather mean-spirited bit of pop-psychology into why Allen cleaves to football imagery in spite of his lackluster gridiron career.

George has Daddy issues. No, they don't quite rise to the level of Orestes, but they may as well, at least according to "Doc" Schapiro.

And just in case that wasn't enough, Schapiro gets in a Nixon reference, too.

Well thank God for that. Of course, Schapiro could have mentioned college players like Gerald Ford and Ronald Reagan. But no...they don't deliver the same frisson that's critical to animating the prose, if not the hormones, of effete political columnists.

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