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Thursday, May 11, 2006 :::

Gilmore Stumbles in...Colorado?

Bob Gibson has this item about Dick Leggitt...

...a Gilmore campaign consultant and former employee in the governor’s office, lied to a Denver newspaper about poll numbers and resigned Friday as campaign manager for a Colorado candidate for governor, according to Denver newspapers.

Leggitt told a Denver Post reporter that his candidate for Colorado governor, anti-taxer Marc Holtzman, had shot up in poll results after Holtzman starred in TV spots opposing a ballot initiative.

The Denver Post used poll results that Leggitt admitted in court two weeks ago he had faked. Leggitt testified he had sent the phony poll numbers but called his action “spin” and implied it was a common practice among political operatives, the Rocky Mountain News reported Saturday.

Here is the AP article on the matter. Rather brief. Rather uninformative. As to why this all came out in a court case, Colorado Pols has this and this. Behind every potential political scandal, it seems, is a law that helps someone make those scandals flourish. And if anything, this all seems to be a case-in-point as to why starry-eyed reformers need to think twice, walk around the block, count to ten and put their proposed bill in the desk drawer overnight before making it the law.

Now as to the Gilmore angle to this's there by distant association. And it's possible that it will not reflect well on Gilmore's cause here in Virginia in some quarters. That said, should Gilmore decide to run for political office again, he will be a force to reckon with. That doesn't mean he would win -- even conservatives are split over both his future electability and even the desirability of having him on a ticket.

But it sure would be something to watch.

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