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Thursday, May 25, 2006 :::

Dr. No

The TD's Jeff Schapiro informs us that the Senate's budget negotiators decided not to show-up for a meeting with their House counterparts yesterday, causing much angst among some, and a whiff of irony among others.

Well, one other: John Chichester.

Speaking by phone, Chichester emphasized that the Senate, despite its retreat Tuesday, is convinced additional taxes are the key long-term funding for roads.

And he chided the Republican-run House for refusing to think beyond the next election in 2007: "They have been the Doctor No's over there ever since the GOP took over."

Chichester would be wise to review his own history as Dr. No before casting the House in the role.

But the more interesting thing is Chichester's phrasing: "...ever since the GOP took over."

Spoken almost like the Democrat he once was.

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