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Tuesday, May 23, 2006 :::


I'm still a bit fuzzy on what's happening with the state budget and the Senate's actions today (I blame the fried toast), but LTG Bolling's office released a statement that I suspect would not have been issued unless it was clear the Senate had agreed to the bulk of the House's proposal:

“Earlier today the Senate of Virginia passed a revised budget for the 2006-2008 biennium that will fully fund the core responsibilities of state government and provide a framework from which further discussions can take place regarding the Commonwealth’s long term transportation needs. Importantly, this budget removes the tax increases that had previously been proposed by the Senate.”

“I commend the Senate for taking an important step in resolving the budget impasse that has existed for the past 133 days. The Senate’s action represents a responsible and good faith effort to resolve the budget impasse, and it will enable us to finalize funding for important programs like education, public safety, health care, mental health, etc.

Interesting. Though by now, the number of people who are actively following this issue is probably close to nil. Even so, it does look like there will be yet another session to discuss transportation, and transportation alone.

It's all beginning to look like a jobs program for the Richmond press corps.

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