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Thursday, May 04, 2006 :::

The Attack on Will Vehrs

Anyone who has read CC over the last week is well aware that someone in Martinsville/Henry County has it in for my friend Will Vehrs.

That the person or persons who took umbrage at Will's posts in the caption contest lack the courage to address their concerns directly to him speaks volumes on the confidence they have in their position. Far easier, and far more effective, to issue threats to Will's employers. And that they have not, so far, taken the opportunity to respond to the post above, even anonymously, says even more about the content of their character.

Barnie Day cuts to the heart of the matter:

Folks. Please. If you must, try breathing into a paper bag for a few minutes. I know Will Vehrs. There is no more consumate, articulate professional in all of Virginia. If we are to make those who have been critical of economic development efforts in Martinsville and Henry County–and, indeed, all across Southside–walk the plank, then I must go to the head of that line and walk it first. Are we to focus our collective frustration and blame our failures–and that’s what they are–failures–on the brilliant satire of one individual? I think not. To do so demeans all objective criticism, the very expression of which, in the long run will make us stronger and smarter. We must continually look inward as a community. Therein will we find the solution to the riddle that plagues us.


And just to keep the god p.r. rolling Martinsville's way, Instapundit has picked the story up from a post Waldo has on the subject.

So now instead of a few hundred people looking at the matter, there will be around a 100,000. Brilliant.

Waldo hopes this episode might turn into something positive for Martinsville and Henry County. I doubt that is possible now.

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