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Wednesday, May 03, 2006 :::

At the Pork Buffet

The WaPo's Dana Milbank offers this look at the ruckus Tom Coburn's anti-pork amendments raised among his Senate colleagues. It's heartwarming to see that at least someone in the Senate has the sense to question the earmarks tacked onto the spending bill:

With his 19 amendments to the spending bill, Coburn is trying to embarrass senators so that they think twice before trying audacious earmarks in the future.

"It's all designed to show the absurdity of what's going on," he said during a break in his barrage. And much of it does sound absurd: Why does a war and Gulf Coast spending bill have millions for riverbank erosion in California, a red tide outbreak in New England and a driver's license facility in Georgia?

Or for that matter, half a billion dollars for a company that has expanded its profit margin in each of the last three years? I'd ask George Allen or John Warner, but they voted for it. But Captain Ed seems to have cracked the code:

Congress has a rather narrow view of profit in a free-market society. When ExxonMobil makes 10.7% profit, they decry the "windfall profit" of a corporation. When Northrup Grumman makes 7.1%, they qualify for a bailout.

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