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Tuesday, May 02, 2006 :::

Appending Names to Congressional Pork

The congressional GOP begins the slow, painful process of admitting it has a pork problem:

From now on Members of Congress will have to put their John Hancocks next to the slabs of bacon they slip into big spending bills. Another reform will force up or down votes in the House on line-item pork projects if they are added during conference negotiations.

The vote to adopt this sensible provision was painfully close...216-207. And it will certainly not sit well with the appropriators, though you can be sure they will work very hard to find a way around the requirement.

In a somewhat related development in the Senate, Tom Coburn's efforts to strip pork from the "emergency" spending bill next turn to a proposed half-billion dollar bailout for Northrup Grumman. We can see here that the company is teetering on the brink of...a boom. Without prompt congressional action, their market capitalization may continue to rise unchecked.

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