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Tuesday, May 09, 2006 :::

Another Day, Another Slogan

Actually, some perspective. Martinsville and Henry County have not cornered the market on daffy boosterism. Richmond, that gem of Central Virginia, has had more than its share of silly ideas aimed at making the old burg more attractive to one and all.

Who can remember Paul Goldman's effort to create a new Richmond slogan? On reflection, I kind of like the Jaded JD's suggestion: "Richmond: Trading on the past because the future moved to Short Pump."

That's so true...

And what gave rise to this search for a new slogan? Why, the utter silliness of the first one..."Historic Richmond: Easy to Love."

I really, really didn't like "Easy to Love." Or the entire concept of branding. Or the idea that the man on the street, or the corporation looking to relocate, would read the slogan -- or any slogan -- and suddenly feel all squishy about Richmond.

Richmond doesn't have a jingle (yet). But there's still time! Get busy my fellow ad hacks! There's fees in them thar lyrics!

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