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Wednesday, May 31, 2006 :::

Another Blogging Conference

I give Alton enormous credit for taking the bull by the horns and beginning the planning of an "alternative" blogging conference he calls "C'ville Too" (which is quite catchy).

If he's able to pull it all together, and he already seems to have some very able hands supporting him, it will be a worthwhile event. It will be even more so if those who have turned their backs (for sundry reasons) on the Sorensen conference in mid-June pitch in and...most up.

My only caution: Alton is thinking of August. That's high season for vacations and if this summer turns out to be anything like it's been here in Richmond for the past couple of days, I think more folks might be heading for the beach than Southside Virginia.

Unless there's barbecue.

Or Alton promises to have a tasting of some of his recipes. I'd gladly sit through a Kos tirade and a Michael Moore introduction for that.

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