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Friday, April 28, 2006 :::

Warner Channels Al Gore

The supposedly sensible Mark Warner puts on an Al Gore fright mask in his latest email highlighting the horrors of global warming:

Where, besides the United States, is global warming not a top issue for every person? Globally everyone is worried, from the guy on the street to the top corporate and political leaders.

Probably in those nations exempt from the framework of the Kyoto Treaty...including China, India, Mexico and the bulk of the developing world. But there's more...

We can no longer look at alternative energy in one silo, traditional energy development in another, hybrid and fuel-efficient vehicles in a third, and then have a totally separate debate on global warming and the environment. They all have to be inter-connected.

We need to make sure that we raise the stakes on global warming, making it central to our energy policy. Not only is it important for our security of our country but for the long-term stability of the world. We've got to get this answer right.

Raise the stakes on global warming, eh? Well how much is it going to cost? Here's one calculator that shows Kyoto has cost the world nearly $180 billion to implement in order to lower the temperature about one one-thousandth of a degree or, in the words of the site's author, Steve Malloy:

Guess that means for the bargain price of just $100 trillion we could theoretically lower global mean temperature by about 1°C.

How is that for raising the stakes on fighting warming, Governor?

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