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Thursday, April 13, 2006 :::

A Tale of Two Emails (Updated)

It's a big fundraising day for Mark Warner and Tim Kaine. Emails from both of their PACs touting various and sundry candidates have landed in the email box, and I'm beginning to wonder if both men still share the same creative shop.

First, from Mark Warner:

Democrats need to be the party that is for innovation and investment in education and providing greater access to affordable health care, the party that brings everyone forward together. There is a particular opportunity for us to reach out to rural America with a message of economic hope for areas that once carried our economy on their back, and now need new investment and educational outreach to succeed again in a global economy. If the Democratic Party can provide those ideas, we can take back the Congress, we can end up winning the majority of the governorships and that will set us up well for future elections.

Interesting, in light of Shaun Kenney's post (I think Shaun would disagree with Warner's assessment).

In a somewhat similar vein, Gov. Kaine's PAC has an email out there seeking contributions for his "friend" Jennifer Granholm, the governor of Michigan. Why should Virginians pony-up for her?

Virginians will understand the magnitude of Governor Granholm's accomplishments - in some ways, they mirror our own. Like Mark Warner, she inherited a deficit from her predecessor, made tough choices, and turned around her state's finances. And like Virginia, Gov. Granholm's Michigan has been recognized by "Governing" Magazine as one of the best-managed states in the nation. Today, Governor Granholm faces a challenge from a CEO whose business record includes investing hundreds of millions of dollars in China while laying off American workers. Meanwhile, he has raised the possibility that Michigan could cut back on health care just when costs are harder than ever for families to bear.

If Michigan is well run, then Governing Magazine has certainly lowered the bar on excellence. I suggest that her biggest threat isn't a dastardly CEO, but the rapidly declining fortunes of Ford, GM and the companies associated with them.

Still, the language of the emails is remarkable -- upbeat, inclusive, high-minded...enough to make Mary Poppins look like a twisted old crone by comparison.

Update: Granholm in Trouble?

It did seem odd that Gov. Kaine would be beating Virginia's bushes for Michigan Gov. Granholm. This may explain why:

On John Kerry’s final campaign swing through Michigan in 2004, supporters gathered in Detroit for a last-minute rally. Stevie Wonder sang a few songs and Democratic politicians gave a few speeches. “If you are somebody who has lost a job, you need to vote for a change,” said Gov. Jennifer Granholm. Many Michiganders took the governor’s advice — Kerry won the state 51 percent to 48 percent — but Granholm may have a hard time living down her words: They are now displayed prominently on the state GOP’s website, and it’s a sure bet they’ll stay there until November, when Granholm faces an electorate that continues to reel from job losses and very well may issue the governor her own personal pink slip.

Oh, and that evil CEO Tim Kaine mentions? It's Dick DeVos, who made his fortune with AmWay and who, if I recall correctly, has long been a big supporter of educational choice.

And what about a state that Governing Magazine says is so well-run? It's losing jobs like crazy:

Michigan's worst-in-the-nation economy is headed even further in the wrong direction. We are currently losing one job every ten minutes, and it's getting worse. Meanwhile, the rest of the nation is creating millions of new jobs, encouraging strong investment and helping businesses to expand. Michigan is the only state to lose jobs over the last two years while the rest of the nation has added 3.7 million new jobs.


And guess what? DeVos has a blog.

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