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Wednesday, April 05, 2006 :::

Sour Grapes

From Tom Delay:

"We don't have an agreed agenda -- breaking up our leadership has taken its toll," Mr. DeLay told a small group of reporters invited to his offices in the Cannon House Office Building.

Breaking up the leadership, I believe, has given House Republicans a golden opportunity to reclaim the initiative and energy that brought them to majority status in 1994. And here are a few ways they might do it, including taxes, budget reform and more. But that does not mean they will seize the opportunity Delay's exit presents. The potential costs are quite high:

Some Republicans seem to believe that debating any of these issues will help Democrats "nationalize" the election, which will hurt them because of Mr. Bush's low approval ratings. But a Congressman is not a dog catcher, and some kind of national agenda is what voters expect of someone they'll be sending to Washington. With the Abramoff scandal likely to keep making headlines, Republicans need something to motivate their voters. Policy will trump scandal, but only if Republicans look like they want to achieve something real.

On election night in 2004, Democratic campaign consultant James Carville asked: Where did all these Republican voters come from? Unless Republicans set a new legislative course over the next seven months, a deposed House Speaker Denny Hastert may soon be wondering: Where did all the Republican voters go?

You know, Virginia Republicans might be asking themselves the same thing in 2007 if they agree to a tax hike this year.

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