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Thursday, April 27, 2006 :::

Shooting Clays

Via Andrew comes a very interesting press release from Sen. Coburn's office on his attempt to shed some light on the pork hiding inside the special appropriations bill moving through the Senate:

Dr. Coburn exercised a rarely-used floor procedure this afternoon called the "clay pigeon" strategy. This strategy has been used only once before in Senate history. In short, a Senator tosses out one amendment that gets broken down or divided into many pieces.

Dr. Coburn used this strategy to help ensure that the American people could hear a full and open debate about a few of the items in the bill that may not be true emergencies related to either the War on Terror or hurricane recovery effort. Among the 100 plus questionable items in the bill, Dr. Coburn's clay pigeon amendment only targeted 19 items, which should allow the Senate to complete consideration of these items within a few days.

The total savings from the "clay pigeon" amendment will be $2,680,850,000.

Railroad relocation in Mississippi (LOST 48-49)
Seafood promotion strategies
Driver's license facility in Macon, GA
Business disruption expenses for private shipbuilders (Northrop Grumman)
FHA emergency relief backlog table
Three-year study of shrimp and reef fishery profitability
AmeriCorps/National Civilian Community Corps
Procurement of V-22 Osprey
American River (Common Features) project in CA
Electronic logbooks for fishing vessels
Armed Forces Retirement Home
Vessel monitoring systems
New England toxic red tide
South Sacramento Streams project in CA
Temporary marine services centers
Replacement of private fisheries infrastructure
Employ fishers and vessel owners
Replace damaged fishing gear
Sacramento Riverbank Protection project in CA

The first item -- a vote to rid the bill of the "Railroad to Nowhere" in Mississippi, lost by a single vote (with three Senators not voting -- all Democrats). How did Virginia's Senators decide on this item?

Allen voted "no" - which means he voted against tabling the motion, and John Warner voted "yes," helping to kill the Coburn amendment. Andrew will have updates as votes on the other items occur.

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