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Monday, April 10, 2006 :::

Same Song, Different Day

With no deal or hint of a deal on the budget, political reporters have to drum up coverage wherever they can. To stay in trim, the TD's Whitley & Schapiro take a jog through their doomsday metaphors and statements of the obvious:

Democratic Gov. Timothy M. Kaine, who sides with the Senate's preference for tax and fee increases for transportation, has not helped matters with attacks on the conservative Republicans ruling the House.

They remain adamant against taxes and say his campaignlike effort, complete with radio commercials, phone banks, e-mail and town-hall meetings, has backfired and emboldened them.

Yep. Great thing those robo-calls. They can stiffen spines quicker than a roomful of chiropractors.

Meanwhile, local governments want cake and ice cream, but it's all for the children, of course:

"On April 15, we need to notify employees if they are not going to be reappointed for the next school year," Mr. Hatrick said. "The major impact is the uncertainty it creates."

In the 2004 budget impasse, which lasted through May 7, school leaders were in a similar situation. That year, when the April 15 date came and went, Mr. Hatrick "tentatively reappointed" teachers, telling them their jobs were contingent on state funding.

Mr. Hatrick, who intends to hire 700 new teachers before the next school year, said the delay can get in the way of attracting the best teaching talent.

No hint of irony there.

Of course the House has proposed getting localities and everyone else their money. But the Senate and the Governor are intent on using the budget clock as a bargaining chip. Can't blame them for doing that -- it's leverage. And considering the rather cool reception their respective tax plans have earned, it may be the only leverage they've got.

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