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Thursday, April 20, 2006 :::

Planking with Cooter

There have been a number of posts from bloggers who attended the Shad Planking yesterday (don't you people have jobs?). But a nice additional bit of color comes via the Hotline, where the writer ran into James Webb volunteer Ben "Cooter" Jones:

The 2-term GA Dem-turned-'02 VA 07 nominee said Webb had the "character, experience, integrity, cojones and anything else you want to name" to take on Allen. Webb, Jones proclaimed, is a "warrior poet." Extolling his candidate's combat decorations, Jones said Webb was a "war hero." But didn't John Kerry offer a similar record of bravery in Vietnam and still fall short in VA? Jones: "They try to Swiftboat [Webb], and he'll kick their ass." Allen is an "affable" fellow, Jones said, but this would be about a "man versus a boy."

Or a seasoned and perpetually underestimated politician versus a "poet" whom Jones seems to think will inflict bodily harm on anyone who crosses him. Be that as it may, from this account, neither Miller nor Webb actually have the good ol' boy act down yet. That's not a sin, but Miller probably knows better than to try. Webb? Well, it's probably there, just under the surface. Maybe with some coaching from Cooter, he just might be able to find and unleash his inner, rhyming couplet Bubba.

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